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ti 1

n. Music
The seventh tone in the diatonic scale in solfeggio.

[Alteration of si.]

ti 2

n. pl. tis
A tropical ornamental shrub (Cordyline fruticosa) native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia, having a terminal tuft of long narrow leaves and panicles of white, yellowish, or reddish flowers.

[Tahitian and Maori .]

Ti 1

The symbol for titanium.

Ti 2

abbr. Bible


a contraction of it is.
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TIS provide a range of rope access services to industry, such as painting, NDT inspection, insulation and will launch a high water jetting division early in 2014; working throughout the UK and the world, carrying out contracts in Norway, Denmark, Nigeria, Ireland, Canada and Sweden, using local North-east workforce on many occasions.
Rajesh's unique experience with deep understanding of all facets of the organization will help TIS achieve greater success in the Asia Pacific and Middle East market.
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The TIS is designed to aggregate data from toxicogenomic research with traditional toxicological end points and chemical data, along with sequence, gene function, and pathway data in public repositories.
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c) 2010 Tata Interactive Systems Notes for editors To subscribe to TIS news: http://www.
Chief Executive Officer of Alvarez & Associates, indicated that the agreement with TIS means that, "Federal agencies will now have access to TIS' world class technology deployment services which, for nearly three decades, have served as the Company's stock-in-trade to Fortune 1000 clients in every important vertical segment.
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