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Ultimately most of them demonstrate the eligibility of new products than titanium itself in various aspects
The new processing technique reduces the amount of energy required for titanium processing by 50 percent, with a similar reduction in cost, ORNL reports.
Measured titanium boron additions are included with each charge, based on the weight of the charge material being added.
According to data of analytical division of <<Timet>>--the biggest titanium company of USA-designs of construction structures with application of titanium are being developed in Switzerland, Singapore and Egypt.
We at Sinterstahl, as it was known then, were developing titanium aluminide with Plansee, which was supplying the aerospace industry," says Wolfgang Lausecker, Racing Components business unit manager.
Titanium Corporation signed a two-year exclusivity agreement with Syncrude and a major titanium pigment producer in June 2003.
Meredith, who has degrees in metallurgical engineering from the University of Washington and 27 years of experience in the metals industry, has published numerous technical papers on titanium, holds five U.
Materials containing titanium dioxide--whether installed in air ducts, toilets, or operating rooms--behave in these beneficial ways only when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
In response to this problem, we devised two alternate methods-using a titanium mesh or a GoreTex patch-of securing the cochlear implant receiver.
Titanium is a metal that's lighter than steel, stronger than aluminum, but twice as difficult to work with.
Although the final titanium racquet produced through this process has only 1 percent titanium in it, Head claims that the metal's strength provides players with greater control and maneuverability at a lighter weight - a previously unheard of 8 ozs.
However divergent, these forms of motion have one thing in common: All are made possible or aided by the unusual properties of titanium.