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A substance, such as a solution, of known concentration used in titration.


(Chemistry) the solution in a titration that is added from a burette to a measured quantity of another solution


(ˈtaɪ trənt)

the reagent added in a titration.
[1935–40; tit (e) r + -ant]
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It drives a plastic syringe that is attached to a base platform and, in precise steps, raises the platform, pumping a titrant into a reaction beaker.
Le missile est venu du journal allemand "Bild", qui n'y est pas alle de main morte en titrant hier mercredi 13 juillet : "Des stimulants dans le vestiaire francais
V--the volume of the titrant used for titration, [cm.
Samples of KPS solution (5 mL) were taken every 30 min and titrated by titrant in a potentiometer under constant mechanical mixing (300 rpm).
lOOOg pure Pb(Lead)metal-25gm,Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH)-250gm,Citrate Cyanide Reducing Solution-250ml,Ammonium Chloride (NH4CI)-500gm,Eriochrome Black T Indicator-250gm,Standard EDTATitrant-500ml,Standard Calcium Solution-500ml,Potassium Chromate Indicator Solution (K2Cr04)-500ml,Standard Silver Nitrate Titrant (AgN03)- 500ml
After digestion, the excess dichromate was titrated against standard ferrous ammonium sulphate titrant (FAS) using ferroin indicator.
Meme les journalistes en reviennent, le monde titrant [beaucoup moins que]On attendait Hazard, on a vu Nainggolan[beaucoup plus grand que].
The method was modified to accommodate the small sample size by reducing the alcoholic KOH titrant concentration from 0.
Following each addition of the titrant the pH of the suspension was recorded every two minutes till it reaches the pH value of 10.