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1. A small diacritic mark, such as an accent, vowel mark, or dot over an i.
2. The tiniest bit; an iota.

[Middle English titil, from Medieval Latin titulus, diacritical mark, from Latin, title, superscription.]


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a small mark in printing or writing, esp a diacritic
2. a jot; particle
[C14: from Medieval Latin titulus label, from Latin: title]


(ˈtɪt l)

1. a dot or other small mark in writing or printing, used as a diacritic or punctuation.
2. a very small thing; particle, jot.
[before 900; Middle English titel, Old English titul < Medieval Latin titulus mark over a letter or word]
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Noun1.tittle - a tiny or scarcely detectable amounttittle - a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude




[ˈtɪtl] Npizca f, ápice m
there's not a tittle of truth in iteso no tiene ni pizca de verdad
References in classic literature ?
Not a doubt of it; and I'll know how to support the tittle," said Sancho.
Title thou shouldst say, not tittle," said his master.
Has it ever been your lot, reader, to be persecuted by a pretty woman who thinks, without a tittle of reason, that you are bowed down under a hopeless partiality for her?
what a losing venture is this for one who hath duly kept every jot and tittle of the law of Moses Fifty zecchins wrenched from me at one clutch, and by the talons of a tyrant
But, when his purpose is Among them to declare his providence, To thee not known, whence hast thou then thy truth, But from him, or his Angels president In every province, who, themselves disdaining To approach thy temples, give thee in command What, to the smallest tittle, thou shalt say To thy adorers?
Sydney Carton drank nothing but a tittle coffee, ate some bread, and, having washed and changed to refresh himself, went out to the place of trial.
Faux could never forget that she had brought this ill-conditioned son into the world when he was in that entirely helpless state which excluded the smallest choice on his part; and, somehow or other, she felt that his going wrong would be his father's and mother's fault, if they failed in one tittle of their parental duty.
We set to work: he sufficiently interested in the game, but calm and fearless in the consciousness of superior skill: I, intensely eager to disappoint his expectations, for I considered this the type of a more serious contest, as I imagined he did, and I felt an almost superstitious dread of being beaten: at all events, I could ill endure that present success should add one tittle to his conscious power (his insolent self-confidence I ought to say), or encourage for a moment his dream of future conquest.
Friday's father used all the arguments he could to persuade our people to lie close, and not be seen; he told them their safety consisted in it, and that they had nothing to do but lie still, and the savages would kill one another to their hands, and then the rest would go away; and it was so to a tittle.
Robert had rattled and jested, as she knew it was his way, and that I took it always, as I supposed he meant it, to be a wild airy way of discourse that had no signification in it; and again assured her, that there was not the least tittle of what she understood by it between us; and that those who had suggested it had done me a great deal of wrong, and Mr.
Effectively Nawaz remains the leader of the party, and the honorific tittle affirms it further.
ISLAMABAD -- Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, in collaboration with Beijing Municipal Friendship Association and All Pak-China Friendship Association, is going to organize a photo exhibition on intangible cultural heritage skill demonstration with the tittle of 'Chinese Story' on Monday here at Pakistan National Council of the Arts.