to carry the ball

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to carry on the task; to assume the responsibility.

See also: Ball

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Not being able to carry the ball as far actually benefits you in some ways on a lot of these tee shots.
I am also maturing more as a player and have made the mental decision that I am going to carry the ball come what may.
Refereee Steve Bennett refused to award a goal after Chelsea keeper Petr Cech appeared to carry the ball over his own line.
We call this the "build-up" and its purpose is to carry the ball up to and beyond the midfield line where the attack can take place.
UCLA likely won't ask Drew to carry the ball as often because of the emergence of Chris Markey as a backup.
Will Caldwell, Gerrel Cain and Brandon Clayton combined to carry the ball 34 times for 176 yards against Grossmont, giving COC a better than two-to-one edge in time of possession.
This may not work in your program if you have weight restrictions, but strive to get the biggest and fastest allowable kids to carry the ball.
The market had a high level of expectation, and with the earnings season essentially over, it is now up to the economic calendar to carry the ball for a Santa Claus rally to materialize for the remaining year.
Usually, it's the other way around, where we have kids on the offensive line who want to carry the ball,'' Mojave coach Larry Satterfield said.
Since Return Right calls for the LH to carry the ball, he would take the ball from the QB and start sprinting toward the wall immediately.
Number of players to carry the ball in Loyola's opening-round rout, with six of them scoring touchdowns.