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FORMER EastEnder Ellen Thomas has been declared bankrupt - becoming the latest in a string of actors from the soap to go bust.
without the union they will all go bust simple as that, if the regions had a brain they would be dangerous Neil Obrien | about damn time, time they were let to go bust, arguing is all they do, power mad the lot of them.
Surely its morally wrong for people like Andrew Jones to go bust in a business then start up a new one in almost the same name, dodging the debts incurred from the previous business.
He said: "It infuriates me that he is making a living from this when I was left to go bust.
The collapse of two airlines prompted them to put up a market on the next firm to go bust, which was met by a complaint that the advert denigrated those listed, because it implied they might go into administration.
Fewer businesses are set to go bust this year than during 2003 as the UK economic recovery gathers pace, a report claims today.
Despite gloomy predictions from unions, BDO said fewer manufacturing firms were set to go bust in 2004 than at any time over the past decade.
Their complacency is condemning business people across Scotland to go bust.
Thousands of holiday- makers fear that they might lose their trips after claims that MyTravel is about to go bust.
Blastland says more travel firms "trading in the toughest market for many years" are bound to go bust in the coming months.
WEST HAM co-owner David Gold yesterday declared he wants Portsmouth to go down - but not to go bust.
A YOUNG couple's dream wedding abroad could become a nightmare after bookies made Spanair second favourite to go bust next.