to the highest degree

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: the highest degree - used to form the superlative; "the king cobra is the most dangerous snake"
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But I continued inflexible, and would explain nothing, unless he would first consent to my going to England, which he would never do, he said, while he lived; on the other hand, I said it was in my power to make him willing when I pleased--nay, to make him entreat me to go; and this increased his curiosity, and made him importunate to the highest degree, but it was all to no purpose.
Everything about him, stomach and brain, were overexcited to the highest degree.
To aid you on your journey, Beatty has conveniently divided the anthology's bountiful fare into three sections: "Pissed Off to the Highest Degree of Pissitivity," "Nothin' Serious (Just Buggin')," and "Black Absurdity?