to the hilt

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The handle of a weapon or tool.
to the hilt
To the limit; completely: played the role to the hilt.

[Middle English, from Old English.]
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إلى أقْصى حد، تماما، حتّى أذنيْهِ
teljes mértékbentotál


(hilt) noun
the handle, especially of a sword.
(up) to the hilt
up to the top; completely (sometimes undesirable). The glass was filled to the hilt; in debt up to the hilt.
References in classic literature ?
In the first place he himself furbished a sword, which he drew from its perfumed leather sheath; he examined it to see if its hilt was well guarded and if the blade was firmly attached to the hilt.
He kept rushing the matador, who always slipped smartly and gracefully aside in time, waiting for a sure chance; and at last it came; the bull made a deadly plunge for him - was avoided neatly, and as he sped by, the long sword glided silently into him, between left shoulder and spine - in and in, to the hilt.
But the boy had learned in that brief second a use for his sharp and shining toy, so that, as the tearing, striking beast dragged him to earth he plunged the blade repeatedly and to the hilt into its breast.
All at once the doctor flung himself free, seized the heavy headboard of Williams' grave and felled Potter to the earth with it -- and in the same instant the half-breed saw his chance and drove the knife to the hilt in the young man's breast.
When consciousness returned, and, as I soon learned, I was down but a moment, I sprang quickly to my feet searching for my sword, and there I found it, buried to the hilt in the green breast of Zad, who lay stone dead upon the ochre moss of the ancient sea bottom.
If you'll stop to lunch I'll prove you this time travelling up to the hilt, specimen and all.
There were other charges against him which could have been proved up to the hilt.
He is a Newcastle player now - and a local lad playing for his boyhood team, which is a rarity in itself these days - and I, for one will be backing him to the hilt when he pulls on that black-and-white shirt, just like I do for all our players,
A school which specialises in teaching children sport should back parents to the hilt if they want to come and watch their children play football, rugby, hockey or whatever it may be," the paper quoted a parent, as saying.
We saw that he can do at Adelaide and everyone backs him to the hilt.
Let's face it, this so-called new Labour has taxed Joe Public to the hilt while throwing money at illegals and totally forgetting their own folk on the street, also leaving our borders open for abuse.
For goodness sake, let's back Dave to the hilt because he will not be out of work for long.