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As with glass under arm, Ahab to-and-fro paced the deck; in his forward turn beholding the monsters he chased, and in the after one the bloodthirsty pirates chasing him; some such fancy as the above seemed his.
Fabricio is one of the nicest guys at Newcastle - just as his former Argentine team-mate Jonas Gutierrez was - but he owes this club which stuck by him when he had some serious personal problems that saw him to-and-fro home to South America.
He might have misremembered the precise order of events, but Clarke found reason for cheer in the to-and-fro nature of Novak Djokovic's Wimbledon final success over Roger Federer.
In his first remarks since the insurgents seized Jisr al-Shughur, and the city of Idlib at the end of March, Assad played down such setbacks, saying to-and-fro gains were normal in any war, adding the armed forces would remain resolute.
Most of them have withdrawn in mostly to-and-fro skirmishes that took place between them and their advesaries," resident Abu Ahmad Hawari said.
The amount of the to-and-fro motion indicates that Mimas' interior is not uniform.
The Guwahati Railway Station infrastructure is not adequate to meet the needs of railway passenger traffic to-and-fro the city and to help in the better management of train traffic.
REGISTRATION and stamping work is no longer the mind-boggling and exacting exercise it used to be, all thanks to the new and swanky electronic-sub-registrar offices that have almost eliminated middlemen and the endless to-and-fro that defined the process earlier.
Hamas and Fatah continued their conflict in a verbal to-and-fro on Sunday, expressing different views on Egypt's position as sponsor of reconciliation talks and each accusing the other side of blocking the reconciliation process.
Everton and Liverpool produced a classic in November as a to-and-fro battle at Goodison Park ended 3-3.
Most of the to-and-fro flights from Muscat to India have been booked or will be booked by the end of Ramadan.
Since Magill was unable to administer nitrous oxide by insufflation, he created some equipment to deliver gas by a to-and-fro system, via one wide bore endotracheal tube.