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Any of various plants chiefly of the genus Linaria, having narrow leaves and spurred, two-lipped flowers, especially butter-and-eggs.


(Plants) any of various scrophulariaceous plants of the genus Linaria, esp L. vulgaris, having narrow leaves and spurred two-lipped yellow-orange flowers. Also called: butter-and-eggs



a common weed, Linaria vulgaris, of the figwort family, with narrow leaves and clustered flowers of bright orange and yellow. Compare butter-and-eggs.
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Noun1.toadflax - common European perennial having showy yellow and orange flowerstoadflax - common European perennial having showy yellow and orange flowers; a naturalized weed in North America
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Linaria, Linaria - genus of herbs and subshrubs having showy flowers: spurred snapdragon
blue toadflax, Linaria canadensis, old-field toadflax - North American plant having racemes of blue-violet flowers


[ˈtəʊdflæks] Nlinaria f
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26: In the South, honey bees and carpenter bees collect pollen from dandelions, yellow-flowered wild radishes, red maples, henbit, blue toadflax, white clover, and chickweed.
Another six sites have been chosen to be sowed with a mix of cornflowers, poppies, fairy toadflax, larkspur, cosmos and marigolds.
Bees love many of the same plants as butterflies, and different species prefer different varieties depending on the size of their tongues so if you can, include some of the following in your planting plans - clover, honeysuckle, catmint, toadflax, borage, chives, mint, echiums and larkspur.
7 ivy-leaved toadflax & flowers if any (grows on walls) ?
According to Shire Country Park Friends, a longbeaked, north European wading bird called a snipe migrates here for the winter, too, while the grassland is said to contain everything from spotted toadflax, tansy, yellow rattle, birds foot trefoil and teasel.
Most will feature the traditional meadow favourites like poppies, foxgloves, buttercups, cornflowers, toadflax, primroses, daisies, cowslips and the like.
One of the best plant examples of a fairly stable methylation pattern transmitted over many generations is found in the peloric (Greek for "monster") flower form of the toadflax Linaria vulgaris.
my toadflax, my stubborn thistle who wants not only to catch the fish
Ash, Bigwig, Celandine, Dandelion, Fiver, Hazel, Hawkbit, Nightshade, Pimpernel and Toadflax.
To give the grasses some more punch, Lamont added small-flowered perennials that you might expect to find in a meadow, such as asters, coreopsis, globe mallow, and toadflax.
Toadflax or baby snapdragon (Linaria) is the most charming of the bunch, occurring in solid or bicolor varieties of pink, rose, mauve, red, burgundy and gold.