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A long, narrow, runnerless sled constructed of thin boards curled upward at the front end.
intr.v. to·bog·ganed, to·bog·gan·ing, to·bog·gans
1. To coast, ride, or travel on a toboggan.
2. Slang To decline or fall rapidly: His good fortune has tobogganed.

[Canadian French tobagan, from Mi'kmaq topaghan.]

to·bog′gan·er, to·bog′gan·ist n.
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Noun1.tobogganing - riding on a long light sled with low handrailstobogganing - riding on a long light sled with low handrails
sledding - the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
luging - riding a light one-man toboggan
터보건 타기
åka pulka
sự đi xe trượt toboggan


اِنْزِلاق sáňkování kælkning Rodeln τόμπογκαν deslizamiento en tobogán, deslizamiento en trineo kelkkailu toboggan sanjkanje andare in toboga トボガン 터보건 타기 met een tobogan sleeën aking saneczkarstwo tobogã катание на санях åka pulka การเล่นเลื่อนหิมะ kızak kayma sự đi xe trượt toboggan 平底雪撬运动
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She and the Mosebachs had gone tobogganing on the only hill that Pomerania boasted.
A prestigious resort in the Three Valleys ski area, Courchevel has extensive skiing for all abilities as well as plenty of other activities including night skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, ice karting and tobogganing.
Why not try tobogganing at Ackers Adventure which boasts its own purpose built toboggan slope which is 25 metres long.
Tobogganing But then it was back out into the chill again to enjoy the other ice activities on offer, including ice fishing, tandem skiing and tobogganing.
No, there is no pro toboggan tour, and neither the X-Games nor the Winter Olympics feature tobogganing.
The county has new policies for tobogganing and skating enthusiasts when they use public property for their hobbies.
Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers an amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, or just playing in the snow (www.
Skiing is not the only type of holiday activity available during the winter months; there are a huge number of ways you can fun in the snow; such as tobogganing, snowboarding, figure skating and sledging.
Tobogganing in the winters of the late 1940's was fun, but my toboggan was not very good.
A DRIVER who was arrested after the death of a teenager in a tobogganing accident has been released on bail, police said.
I have spoken to the officers concerned and reminded them in no uncertain terms that tobogganing on duty, on police equipment and at taxpayers' expense is a very bad idea should they wish to progress under my command.
95 option of a buffet and disco without the tobogganing.