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A long, narrow, runnerless sled constructed of thin boards curled upward at the front end.
intr.v. to·bog·ganed, to·bog·gan·ing, to·bog·gans
1. To coast, ride, or travel on a toboggan.
2. Slang To decline or fall rapidly: His good fortune has tobogganed.

[Canadian French tobagan, from Mi'kmaq topaghan.]

to·bog′gan·er, to·bog′gan·ist n.
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Noun1.tobogganist - someone who rides a toboggantobogganist - someone who rides a toboggan  
sledder - someone who rides a sled
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While most of Scotland think a tobogganist is where their dad buys the Golden Virginia for his roll-ups the big Celtic defender is a natural when it comes to dealing with the Arctic elements.
Tobogganist Shelley Rudman will carry the British flag in the opening ceremony.
Cycling - unlike show jumping and tobogganing (the English Olympic tobogganist silver medallist got to the stage, can't remember her name now) is not a minority sport.