(tŏg′ə-rē, tô′gə-)
n. pl. tog·ger·ies
1. Clothing; togs.
2. A clothing store.


(Clothing & Fashion) informal clothes; togs


(ˈtɒg ə ri)

clothes; togs.


1. clothes, collectively.
2. a particular outfit of clothes.
See also: Clothing

Toggery, Togs

 clothes collectively, 1812.
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For 27 years, she has worked on weekday mornings at Murray's Toggery Shop on Main Street, the home of the famous Nantucket Reds Collection.
Our lineage at The Toggery goes back to the founding in 1948 of a better children's store on Kavanaugh.
The others were The Toggery Five; Dick Francis; Plus Four; Cherry Rowland; David Macbeth.
com offers brands such as Weleda, Erbaviva, Seventh Generation, Shaklee, Envirosax, Ella Vickers, Shinwa, Beau Soleil, Eco-Ganik, Toggery, and Preserve, as well as eco-friendly gifts such as soy candles, games, toys, green living books, worldly CD's, and gift sets for your home and family.
Chinese entrepreneurs led by Joe Shoong founded China Toggery on San Francisco's Fillmore Street in 1911.
half-puddled walking about in their every-day toggery and black faces .
Penney, working there for 11 years before becoming the fifth owner with his wife, Penny, of The Toggery in 1980.
There were some quality men's stores in the downtown when Biljac's first opened, he said, naming Bernier Brothers, Jablonski & Gaynor's, Frank Simmons Clothing and Shea's Toggery Shop.
Company founder Joe Shoong opened the first store in the city of Vallejo under the name China Toggery.
The Toggery, the Little Rock children's retailer, marked its 65th year in business with the recent expansion of its location at University Avenue and R Street in the Heights.
Does anyone remember when Shea's Toggery Shop occupied a store front in the (rehab) building?
We're told The Toggery is toddling out of its location on Rodney Parham Road in the coming months.