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Noun1.toilet kit - a kit for carrying toilet articles while travelingtoilet kit - a kit for carrying toilet articles while traveling
kit - a case for containing a set of articles
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Contract awarded for For acquisition of personal toilet kit, to antend applications of families of low economic resources and natural disasters (flood and / or fire)
Additional services include larger luggage allowance, special meal service, a personalised toilet kit, and noise-cancelling earphones.
BIP RAs usually offer, in addition tc the chemical toilet kit selections, other waste/toilet options such as a camp toilet with lid and hand sanitizing gel, a mine-constructed urinal, and a mine-constructed separate toilet room with a marine-type flushable toilet and associated flushing and sanitizing products (Figure 4).
But with a GO Anywhere toilet kit, you'll be all set, even if you have a family of 10.
The remodelling includes seats that unfold into completely flat beds, a newly designed headrest and an extra 30cm of personal space for passengers, as well as a new design of all the upholstery and linen in orange and brown and the replacement of blankets with eiderdowns and a new toilet kit featuring products designed exclusively for the airline.
I did--briefly--consider getting a composting toilet kit, but after imagining trying to convince my roommates that "humanure" is the way to go, I decided to scale back my eco-ambitions a bit and make my own worm bin instead.
We each got two blankets, two sheets, a pillow case, and a toilet kit, then followed the guard upstairs through the cell block I later learned was called "M unit.
My favorite part was the bathroom, all marble and packed with amenities, which I swept off the shelves and into my toilet kit.
From the toilet kit to the suitcase to the moving van, what to watch?