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toll·booth 1

A booth where a toll is collected. Also called tollhouse.

toll·booth 2

Variant of tolbooth.


(ˈtəʊlˌbuːθ; -ˌbuːð; ˈtɒl-) or


a booth or kiosk at which a toll is collected


(ˈtoʊlˌbuθ, -ˌbuð)

n., pl. -booths (-ˌbuðz, -ˌbuθs)
a booth, as at a bridge or the entrance to a toll road, where a toll is collected.
[1300–50; Middle English tolbothe. See toll1, booth]
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Noun1.tollbooth - a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tollstollbooth - a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls
kiosk, stall, booth, cubicle - small area set off by walls for special use
toll plaza - an area where tollbooths are located
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However, he was sentenced to burn his protest poems on the steps of the Tollbooth.
It was built to replace the tollbooth which was demolished in 1710.
The vans were slowing down to approach a tollbooth on the A6 highway connecting Paris and Lyon when four cars apparently surrounded them and forced them to stop, a security official said.
THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster: My husband and I watch our grandchildren several days a week, and our almost-11-year-old grandson--a competent reader in his own right--still enjoys being read to.
Voluntary Tollbooth Volunteers from the North Brookfield Sports Booster Club will be at various locations around town, seeking donations for the Booster Club.
On Monday, April 14, the action moves back to Stirling, as international bestseller John Connolly heads to the Tollbooth Theatre, where fellow crime writer Craig Robertson will be grilling him about his latest release, The Wolf in Winter.
Summary: A drink driver has been charged by police for grievous bodily harm after attacking a female tollbooth operator in China.
He deposits a coin and drives through the tollbooth in a toy car only to find himself stranded in The Kingdom of Wisdom, a confusing land where daily life has been rendered meaningless by feuding between the kings of Digitopolis and Dictionopolis.
LOST PIERS OF WALES * Tenby Royal Victoria - the 1897 pier was demolished in the 1950s and the site is now home to the town's lifeboat station * Aberavon - pounds 250,000 restoration programme in 1962 could not ensure a new lease of life and within just a few years the 1898 pier had become little more than a rusting breakwater * Rhos on Sea - the 1895 pier was pulled down in the 1950s and now only a tollbooth survives as a souvenir shop.
Venice Theatre's Generations: Theater for All Ages stages the classic children's tale The Phantom Tollbooth, May 17-27.
Politicians will us this vanity, sorry, project The Devil, I suspect, will focus on news that this will be a tollbooth, but not toll-free zone, and exactly what that will mean.
Reeves plays directionless tollbooth worker Henry who's wrongly sent down for three years after being linked to a bank job.