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Any of three isomeric compounds, C7H9N, used to make dyes.


(tɒˈljuːɪˌdiːn) or


(Elements & Compounds) an amine derived from toluene existing in three isomeric forms; aminotoluene. The ortho- and meta- isomers are liquids and the para- isomer is a crystalline solid. All three are used in making dyes. Formula: C6H4CH3NH2
[C19: from tolu(ene) + -ide + -ine2]


(təˈlu ɪˌdin, -dɪn)

any of three isomeric amines having the formula C7H9N, derived from toluene: used in the manufacture of dyes and drugs.
[1840–50; tolu (ene) + -idine]
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Histopathological diagnosis was made by observing mast cells showing metachromasia with toluidin blue in full-thickness skin biopsy (2).
There were no specific features with periodic acid-Schiff (PAS), toluidin blue (pH:1) and masson- trichrome histochemical stainings.
Hemaroksilen-Eozin ve Toluidin Blue boyamalarina ek olarak Mast-hucre triptaz ile Labeled Streptavidin-Biotin amplifikasyon yonremi ve 3,3'-diaminobenzidine kullanilarak immunohistokimyasal degerlendirme yapildi.
Toluidin blue: The histological examination of the all tissue constructs with toluidine blue revealed that they contained a cartilage-like matrix that accumulated within the lumen of clusters of round cells.
Hazirlanan doku bloklarindan Leica RM 2125 RT mikrotomla 5 m'lik kesitler alinarak hematoksilen eozin, toluidin mavisi ve mallory azan boyalari yapildi.