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1. Having no tongue.
2. Lacking the faculty of speech; mute.
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Adj.1.tongueless - lacking a tonguetongueless - lacking a tongue; "tongueless moccasins"
tongued - provided with or resembling a tongue; often used in combination; "tongued shoes"; "tongued boards"; "toungued lightning"; "long-tongued"
2.tongueless - expressed without speech; "a mute appeal"; "a silent curse"; "best grief is tongueless"- Emily Dickinson; "the words stopped at her lips unsounded"; "unspoken grief"; "choking exasperation and wordless shame"- Thomas Wolfe
inarticulate, unarticulate - without or deprived of the use of speech or words; "inarticulate beasts"; "remained stupidly inarticulate and saying something noncommittal"; "inarticulate with rage"; "an inarticulate cry"
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Nothing else able to cipher siphon possible meanings any crazy dictionaries, hip cats tongueless hepcats this morning are you really as crazy as this seems?
But to her heart, her heart was voluble, Paining with eloquence her balmy side; As though a tongueless nightingale should swell Her throat in vain, and die, heart-stifled, in her dell.
Other ghosts include a madman walking on the roof on stormy nights, some gray ladies haunting the chapel, a tongueless woman wandering across the grounds, tearing at her mouth, "Jack the Runner," a thin man racing up the drive to the castle, a woman with mournful eyes clutching at an upper window as though imprisoned, and a tall figure dressed in a long, dark cloak.
Maybe when babel fell, what was left were some brown girls dancing, making tongueless sounds, making heaven with the bottoms of feet.
Cecil's forbidden personal residence, the looming tongueless servant, Mongo, and, finally, the terrifyingly sentient scorpion-hornets.
Further I say, and further will maintain Upon his bad life to make all this good, That he did plot the Duke of Gloucester's death, Suggest his soon-believing adversaries, And consequently, like a traitor coward, Sluiced out his innocent soul through streams of blood--Which blood, like sacrificing Abel's, cries, Even from the tongueless caverns of the earth To me for justice and rough chastisement.
Given the looped form of the installation, Laxe is condemned to dance forever, unable to access his story's end, when the sight of a DVD player's screen saver jolts him out of his tongueless stupor and he refuses the demand that he perform, fleeing to an uncertain fate in the desert.
Cultivator classifications up to the early 1900s included single- and double-shovel cultivators, one-horse cultivators, 5-and 9-tooth cultivators, straddle-row cultivators, walking, tongue and tongueless, riding, combined , single-row, double-row and surface cultivators.
His was the gentle spirit of the woods, The genius of the tongueless mysteries Eternally that dwell within the trees, The flowers, the grasses, and the bursting buds: A member of their secret brotherhoods, He caught the everlasting sympathies Of all the lute-lipped leaves.
Moments after Gaunt dies, Northumberland says "His tongue is now a stringless instrument," recalling the tongueless Stoic hero.
The Fall of the Imam is an intentionally deconstructive narrative that subverts the logic of realism and this is El Saadawi's means of challenging and demolishing a "reality" she finds cruel and unfair to women: the tongueless yet "speaking" Bint Allah's becomes the mouthpiece of all those being stoned to death and silenced figuratively and physically.
Both the Alpha and Bora range of lightweight hikers's hallmark is a two-piece construction using separate, tongueless inner liners with unseamed hydrophobic outer shells that has more in common with ski boot construction than conventional shoe construction.