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a. tonoclónico-a, rel. a espasmos musculares que son tónicos y clónicos.
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Peri-ictal and postictal cortical edema in the course of epilepsy or generalized tonicoclonic seizure can be visible in MRI scans even for several days [52, 53].
In the study of Pedl et all the authors described good results with doses near 150 Gy in three patient, that had intractable epilepsy (One had multifocal epilepsy with atonic, tonicoclonic, and atypical absence seizures and two had Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) treated by means of Gama Knife, from 1992 to 1995, showing that radiosurgery would be an promising method (40).
The study population consisted of seven men and seven women, 19-44 years old, with partial and apparently generalized tonicoclonic seizures originating in the temporofrontal lobes and from multifocal regions.