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n. pl. To·nys
A trademark for an award presented by the American Theatre Wing for excellence in the production and creation of Broadway shows.


also ton·ey  (tō′nē)
adj. ton·i·er, ton·i·est Informal
Marked by an elegant or exclusive manner or quality: a tony country club.

[From tone.]


adj, tonier or toniest
informal US and Canadian stylish or distinctive; classy
[C20: from tone]


n, pl Tonies or Tonys
(Theatre) any of several medallions awarded annually in the United States by a professional school for the performing arts for outstanding achievement in the theatre
[from Tony, the nickname of Antoinette Perry (died 1946), US actress and producer]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

adj. ton•i•er, ton•i•est.
high-toned; stylish; swank: a tony nightclub.
[1875–80, Amer.]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nys.
one of a group of awards given annually by the American Theatre Wing for superior achievements in production and performance in the Broadway theater.
[1947; after the nickname of U.S. actress and producer Antoinette Perry (1888–1946)]
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also toney
Informal. Being or in accordance with the current fashion:
Informal: classy, in, sharp, snappy, swish, trendy.
Slang: with-it.


[ˈtəʊnɪ] ADJ (US) → de buen tono, elegante
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At a tonier event in an upscale shopping center, mariachis in their trademark giant-brimmed hats -- another Guadalajara icon -- serenaded invitees watching the ceremony in Hollywood on a jumbo screen.
Despite a glut of product, and riots and a surge in violent crime, Baltimores multifamily market has posted solid performances, particularly in the citys tonier neighborhoods.
Later, Fahaddis Bukhari was RICEIVRD Man of the match from Former test cricketer and Head coach SSGC Atique uz Zaman, Nadir Shah received best bowler from first class cricketer Tariq Haroon, Salman Ghani received Master Blaster from national cricketer Zafar Gohar, Fahaddis Bukhari received Best fielder from Richard Tonier ( Fitness Trainer SSGC).
In modern contrast, the tonier parts of the capital city of Rabat and Casablanca could be mistaken for any big city in southern Europe, complete with an Ikea store and Land Rover dealership.
Dearborn has become a safe haven for Arab Muslims, so that even as they become more affluent, they don't necessarily move to tonier suburbs--or at least not ones too far from Dearborn.
His excesses, his love life and his personal boom-and-bust cycles have long been fodder for the tabloids, as well as the tonier pages of Vanity Fair and other high-brow publications.
As for higher-income people, Whelan said, "I would submit that the reaction we've gotten from tonier ZIP codes is, 'Gee, I can do a lot better just borrowing.
Although some novelists like Margaret Atwood prefer to call their work "speculative fiction," which sounds tonier than "sci-fi," the roots of their writing are as old as storytelling.
When the sun fell and the tastefully retro streetlamps blinked on, the empty lanes looked like footpaths in the tonier sections of Forest Lawn Cemetery.
In the tonier area, such as Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Mayfair, Soho and Fitzrovia, prices can go spiralling upwards from there - a one-bedroom flat in One Hyde Park is open for offers of more than PS9,000,000.
The most obvious advantage of a prime value chain (PVC) approach is its holistic focus: creating a better body instead of tonier abs, quads, triceps or biceps.
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