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 (tə-nō′, tŏn′ō′)
n. pl. ton·neaus
1. The rear seating compartment of an early type of automobile.
2. A tight-fitting removable cover, as for the cargo box of a pickup truck, the seating area of a convertible, or the cockpit of a boat.

[French, from Old French tonnel, cask; see tunnel.]


n, pl -neaus or -neaux (-nəʊ; -nəʊz)
1. (Automotive Engineering)
a. a detachable cover to protect the rear part of an open car when it is not carrying passengers
b. a similar cover that fits over all the passenger seats, but not the driver's, in an open vehicle
2. (Automotive Engineering) rare the part of an open car in which the rear passengers sit
[C20: from French: special type of vehicle body, from Old French tonnel cask, from tonne tun]



n., pl. -neaus, -neaux (-ˈnoʊz)
a rear part or compartment of an automobile body, containing seats for passengers.
[1900–05; < French: literally, cask; Old French tonel. See tunnel]


n (Aut)
(of car)hinterer Teil (mit Rücksitzen/Rückbank)
(also tonneau cover)Verdeck nt
References in classic literature ?
I can stick it in front with you, and we can cover - him up in the tonneau.
He still admired Claire intensely and experienced disturbing emotions when he beheld her perfect tonneau and wonderful headlights; but he regarded her with a cautious fear.
In addition to this full line of fiberglass caps, including products for the most popular 2015 model pickups, LEER also recently introduced the new Trilogy tonneau, a lightweight, tough, secure tonneau designed for maximum functionality.
The 2015 Corvette Stingray Atlantic Design Package has front splitter; Shark Grey accents on its vents, hood and tonneau inserts; Chrome Torque wheels and custom luggage.
The Personal Caddy is designed exclusively for use with many G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover applications and offers secure and concealed storage underneath your tonneau cover.
The party at the chic Le Tonneau restaurant in Goult, Provence, also marked the end of filming of Demi's new movie Passion In Mind.
For instance, bed liners provide obvious protection and enhance the look of the vehicle, while tonneau covers allow light truck owners to add a personal signature.
Kiekert also recently developed a variety of micro actuators for a wide variety of safety- and comfort-applications and a "tonneau latch" to retain the tonneau cover on picks-ups.
Part 2 - Supply of 6 pieces brand new Piaskarko-Solarek with a capacity of 4 mA load carrying and delivery of 4 pieces of brand new Piaskarko-Solarek a capacity tonneau 7 mA.
The vehicle features the same carbon fibre body from the belt line down to the rocker panels, a roof replaced with a multi-layer fabric top with a glass rear window that stows away neatly under a tonneau cover, special leather upholstery to the seats, the dashboard and the door panels, and turned aluminium trim adorns the dashboard and the centre console
This will be the lowest price that Steffens Automotive has ever offered on their line of hard folding tonneau covers.
The model features a nudge bar, towing package, soft tonneau cover, front carpet floor mats, one-piece rear carpet floor mat, bonnet protector, slimline weather shields and Thunder badges.