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Of or relating to barbering or a barber.

[From Latin tōnsōrius, from tōnsor, barber, from tōnsus, past participle of tondēre, to shear; see tem- in Indo-European roots.]


(Hairdressing & Grooming) often facetious of or relating to barbering or hairdressing
[C19: from Latin tōnsōrius concerning shaving, from tondēre to shave]


(tɒnˈsɔr i əl, -ˈsoʊr-)

of or pertaining to a barber or barbering.
[1805–15; < Latin tōnsōri(us) of shaving, derivative of tondēre to shave]
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Adj.1.tonsorial - of or relating to barbers and barberingtonsorial - of or relating to barbers and barbering; "tonsorial work"; "tonsorial parlor"


[tɒnˈsɔːrɪəl] ADJ (esp hum) [look, style] → barberil; [matters] → relativo a la barba


adj (hum, rare form)Barbier- (hum); tonsorial artistBarbier m
References in classic literature ?
As Tarzan labored at his tonsorial task, his active mind was busy with many things.
YOU simply have to accept when the time for tonsorial truth has finally arrived, no matter what your age.
And he concluded that, in times of recession, it's always best to spend, spend, spend - on the best tonsorial fine-tuning money can buy.
Through recreating this environment, in which hair is cut, pressed, curled, or "conked," in which nails are manicured and other tonsorial matters attended to, in which the patrons bring themselves up-to-date on community gossip (many times amusing themselves with racy, good-laughing-lies), and in which not only personal issues, but community concerns are aired, Black American writers provide their readers with an intimate view of a significant Black institution, often forgotten, which effectively services the real and imagined needs of the community.
Sure, the tonsorial connections between hockey players and Jews might be totally superficial.
education and training is necessary for future tonsorial specialists.
In addition to its role as an outlet for retailers, politics, and racial pride, The Dawn became the publication on record for the promotion of black entrepreneurship and tonsorial parlors.
More than a dozen businesses in the area will get into the "Sweeney Todd" spirit for the evening, serving up food, decorations and other tonsorial (barber) effects in the run-up to next week's Stephen Sondheim opera.
For the distinct style including sartorial and tonsorial, tradition, culture, music, dance and more distinct facial features, they are said to become easy preys to outrageous remarks and alleged racial attacks.
As others have noted, Catherine expresses her creativity through her tonsorial experiments, her witty conversation, what Burwell calls her "slightly scandalous manner of dressing," and her carefully cultivated suntans (109).
David Ortiz comes the closest to tonsorial artwork, with his neatly trimmed and manicured cheeks, just as he comes closest to perfection with the bat in his hand, as long as he doesn't use it to express his frustrations in the dugout.
To this tonsorial diet we add Vitamin E and yoghurt, how are you doing hair, sure you still aren't hungry?