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 (to͞od′lz) also too·dle-oo (to͞od′l-o͞o)
interj. Informal
Used to express farewell.

[Alteration of toodle-oo, perhaps imitative of a horn or akin to earlier toddle (off), to depart.]


(ˌtuːdəˈluː) or


sentence substitute
informal rare Brit goodbye
[C20: perhaps imitative of the horn of a car]
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Louis Toodle-oo," on the way to composing more than 1,200 songs.
He opens the disc with a Duke Ellington number familiar to all Steely Dan fans, East St Louis Toodle-Oo.
Louis Toodle-oo," "Black Beauty," and "Mood Indigo"--great examples of "jungle music" that make clear why the term jazz once had an overtly sexual connotation.