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Noun1.tool bag - a bag in which tools are carried
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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A red Husky tool bag, a DeWalt 20-volt impact wrench and a 20-volt saw were stolen out of a van between 6 p.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of tool bag special
Prosecutor Vanessa Jones said that during a row at the house he pulled out a trade knife from a tool bag.
Items including a space silver 13-inch Hewlett Packard laptop, a black Xbox One games console, a Dewalt brush steel drill (model number DCD795), a black and green Makita tool bag with tools inside, two boxed chandelier lights and a man's green North Face ski jacket were all stolen.
Providing up to 40 percent longer life than conventional batteries, the 40-volt 2AH Lithium-ion battery from Hooyman is a great addition to any bowhunter's tool bag.
You probably don't have a complete set of sockets and wrenches in your tool bag or the emergency vehicle kit under your truck seat.
Belonging in any professional or DIY tool bag, the KwickGripper magnifies and converts pulling power into leverage, making it efficient and easy to handle jobs involving staple and nail removal, screw removal, and beyond.
A Husky-brand tool bag holding the explosive was left outside the McNamara Building, which is the local home of the FBI and other agencies.
Take control of your belongings and stop the wild goose chase that is searching for your trowel, and invest in this garden tool bag.
We found out the hard way with a small cylinder of MAP gas forgotten in a tool bag checked as luggage.
The Brownells tool is also sold as a "bit" for the Magna-Tip screw driver, which, by the way, every professional and tinkerer gunsmith should have in his tool bag.
Polished shoes Combed hair Sitting in his chair Humming a jazz tune He gave a warm smile As he hugged and kept me close He''d take me to the shops And spoil me rotten Although I never asked him to Then one day he picked up his tool bag And walked out the door Nobody every dreamed he would never come home However God thought it was his time Sent him packing up there With histoolbagstillinhand But it seemed God never considered the pain it would cause But my Grandys in a better place now So my family should just pause And think of all the happy times we had Chloe Hughes, age 14, Fairfield