tool case

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Noun1.tool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand toolstool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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Sharon Ward, the director of public and media relations at Pelican Products, said one photograph showed what was "certainly" a tool case manufactured by her firm, and released in August 2011.
With over 150 tool case styles, multiple pallet designs and world-class tool brands such as Klein Tools, Greenlee, Xcelite, Ideal, WIHA, TrueConect - Specialized Products Company has been able to design tool kits to accommodate most requirements.
That it's time to dip into the tool case and go full bore with what is workingiPS cells and stem cells from adult sourcesand junk the rest.
The Dremel Treasure Box comprises the Dremel 300 Series multi-tool, a flexible shaft attachment, cutting guide attachment, line and circle cutter attachment, SpeedClic accessory starter set, 12-in-1 Minitool, tool case and mini accessory cases with 79 pieces, all for around pounds 69.
To protect the contents, Pelican Products has engineered their first-ever, dedicated mobile tool case that will secure, organize and make the tools virtually impervious to impact and moisture.
This G-Tech Tune Time Tool Case allows him to fit in all his essential tools, plug in his MP3 and listen to his tunes via the built-in, ultra-thin, NXT speakers.