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(Tools) another name for a tool shed



a small building where tools are stored, often in the backyard of a house.
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Noun1.toolhouse - a shed for storing tools
shed - an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage
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And I remember the dog chained up in the yard, and the dead snakes hanging in the toolhouse.
Nothing is more important to a writer's development than an expanding vocabulary; it is the toolhouse of creative communication.
25 at Maxwell-Silverman's Toolhouse Restaurant, 25 Union St.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Toolhouse announces the launch of CFvoice.
Three Whatcom County tech firms, Toolhouse Design Company, Ryzex and Logos Bible Software, have ranked among the fastest-growing private firms in the country.
Baby boomers need to understand that we weren't raised in the same environment as [Millennials]," said 56-year-old Rand Lien, co-owner of the Bellingham-based Web design firm Toolhouse Design.
Toolhouse Design's Lien said when he was a young worker there was a pecking order, and oftentimes younger staff member's ideas and opinions largely went unheard.
We can rapidly prototype and develop rich internet applications and sites that our clients can update and maintain with an easy-to-use interface," said Rand Lien, Toolhouse principal.
Toolhouse is an interactive marketing agency that designs and develops interactive experiences and enabling technologies that help build customer relationships, and increase the performance of online channels, according to a press release.
Best consulting and toolhouse fuse their expertise and leadership in software development and media communications to deliver customer-oriented, service and
1-mile city loop begins on Belmont Street, passes by Bell Pond, UMass Memorial Medical Center -- Memorial Campus, Maxwell-Silverman's Toolhouse, Worcester Medical Center, the Korean War Memorial and continues down Shrewsbury Street.
Club Maxine's in Maxwell-Silverman's Toolhouse, 25 Union St.