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1. Lacking teeth.
2. Lacking force; ineffectual.

tooth′less·ly adv.
tooth′less·ness n.


(ˈtuθ lɪs)

1. lacking teeth.
2. without a serrated edge: a toothless saw.
3. lacking in force or sharpness; dull or ineffectual.
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Adj.1.toothless - lacking teethtoothless - lacking teeth; "most birds are toothless"; "a toothless old crone"
toothed - having teeth especially of a certain number or type; often used in combination; "saw-toothed"
2.toothless - lacking necessary force for effectivenesstoothless - lacking necessary force for effectiveness; "a toothless piece of legislation"
ineffective, ineffectual, uneffective - not producing an intended effect; "an ineffective teacher"; "ineffective legislation"
أدْرَد، لا أسْنان لَه


[ˈtuːθlɪs] ADJdesdentado, sin dientes (fig) → sin poder efectivo, ineficaz


[ˈtuːθləs] adj
[person, smile] → édenté(e)
(= ineffective) [organization] → sans réel pouvoir; [law] → sans effet


[ˈtuːθlɪs] adjsdentato/a


(tuːθ) nounplural teeth (tiːθ)
1. any of the hard, bone-like objects that grow in the mouth and are used for biting and chewing. He has had a tooth out at the dentist's.
2. something that looks or acts like a tooth. the teeth of a comb/saw.
teethe (tiːð) verb
(of a baby) to grow one's first teeth. He cries a lot because he's teething.
toothed adjective
having teeth. a toothed wheel.
ˈtoothless adjective
without teeth. a toothless old woman.
ˈtoothy adjective
showing a lot of teeth. a toothy grin.
ˈtoothache noun
a pain in a tooth. He has / is suffering from toothache.
ˈtoothbrush noun
a brush for cleaning the teeth.
ˈtoothpaste noun
a kind of paste used to clean the teeth. a tube of toothpaste.
ˈtoothpick noun
a small piece of wood, plastic etc for picking out food etc from between the teeth.
be/get etc long in the tooth
(of a person or animal) to be, become etc, old. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to climb mountains.
a fine-tooth comb
a comb with the teeth set close together, for removing lice, dirt etc from hair etc.
a sweet tooth
a liking for sweet food. My friend has a sweet tooth.
tooth and nail
fiercely and with all one's strength. They fought tooth and nail.
References in classic literature ?
Big fella shark-fish, that fella leg stop 'm along him," the ancient grinned, exposing a horrible aperture of toothlessness for a mouth.
DAMOUR DESPERATELY NEEDS A REST ANOTHER cause of Cardiff's midfield toothlessness against Preston may simply be the fact that Damour looks absolutely spent.
This new extinct species, called Inermorostrum xenops, "possesses adaptations for suction feeding: toothlessness and a shortened rostrum," the study says, referring to its snout.
But his concern over a woefully shot-shy, goal-averse midfield will have deepened during a contest when its toothlessness was painfully evident again.
It is not the first time Mourinho has expressed frustration about Martial after earlier this month criticising the forward, along with United's other attackers, for their toothlessness in the 0-0 draw with West Brom - the France international's last start.
The notorious toothlessness of the Strickland standard--under which napping, (110) intoxicated, slothful, (111) and even mentally impaired lawyers (112) have been found constitutionally sufficient--arises from the Court's reluctance to construct any checklists or recognize any concrete requirements for attorney performance.
Stoke - just two shots on target per game so far - run the Clarets close for toothlessness and a Manchester United clean sheet at evens (Coral) is a solid play in the brunchtime kick-off.
To be sure, there are people who lament the toothlessness of internal limits.
4 HARRY KANE The striker's toothlessness and corner-taking were pinpointed as issues in Marseille and things did not go much better in Lens after the first few minutes.
It is a fine run Hart is confident of continuing against Russia tomorrow, although the England goalkeeper knows they can ill-afford the toothlessness displayed during the 2014 World Cup.
It is a fine run Hart, left, is confident of continuing against Russia tomorrow night, although the England goalkeeper knows they can ill-afford the toothlessness displayed during the 2014 World Cup.