top flight

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top′ flight′

the highest or most outstanding level, as in achievement or development.
top′flight′, top′-flight′, adj.
top′flight`er, top′-flight`er, n.
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The top flight fell for a ninth day in a row, equalling a run of successive losses seen in November 2011.
1 2 Hat-tricks in the one game from Elgin's Darryl McHardy and Annan's Peter Weatherson Years since Aberdeen last finished as high in the top flight.
Ahead of today's trip to Coleraine -their penultimate fixture of the regular season - Gray said: "I'm confident we can sustain our place in the top flight.
To play in the top flight for play in the top flight for T 10 years before the age of 27 is an excellent achievement and testament to Marc's professionalism and ability.
The Bees must detail how they will meet a series of requirements if they do go on to play in the top flight for the first time in 68 years.
Goals flowed then, and the Blues have actually got the best scoring record in top flight history.
However the ambition stretches throughout the club, for success at all levels is the target - not just a top flight return for the first team after several years away.
PEPE MEL admits part of the reason he's kept West Brom in the top flight is that he wasn't the only Premier League rookie.
Despite Rangers having too much for the rest of the sides in League One, Mohsni insists the players are still motivated to prove they have what it takes to help the club once Gers reach the top flight.
A number of the lesser sides in the top flight minimised their chance of advancing in the Capital One Cup this week because they gave their fringe players a runout, when they should instead have done their utmost to reach the next stage.
And with Mackay and his men facing a long tough campaign to try to stay in the top flight, Perry said whether on the pitch or off it, Hudson will still have a big role to play this season.
The FA Cup was probably Wigan's finest hour, and their first ever 'big' trophy, for the club never won a top flight league championship or the League Cup.