topical anaesthetic

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Noun1.topical anaesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the bodytopical anaesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body
anaesthetic, anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent - a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations
anesthyl - a mixture of methyl and ethyl chloride; sprayed on as a local anesthetic
antipruritic - a substance that relieves or prevents itching
benzocaine, ethyl aminobenzoate - a white crystalline ester used as a local anesthetic
butacaine, butacaine sulfate - a white crystalline ester that is applied to mucous membranes as a local anesthetic
ethyl chloride - a colorless flammable gas used as a local surface anesthetic
Lidocaine, Xylocaine - a local anesthetic (trade names Lidocaine and Xylocaine) used topically on the skin and mucous membranes
Ethocaine, procaine - a white crystalline powder (trade name Ethocaine) administered near nerves as a local anesthetic in dentistry and medicine
tetracaine - a crystalline compound used in the form of a hydrochloride as a local anesthetic
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A prospective, randomised, single-blinded, controlled trial comparing two topical anaesthetic modalities for the application of a tenaculum to the cervix.
4) Raymond et al in their study found that ice decreases the discomfort associated with needle injection, it is a good topical anaesthetic.
A topical anaesthetic will be applied to your skin to reduce any discomfort during treatment.
Lidocaine patch is a good alternative to conventional topical anaesthetic agents for paediatric patients.
As a corneal epithelial defect is, in most cases, a painful condition, topical anaesthetic drops will assist in making the patient comfortable enough to open his/her eyes.
Your skin is numbed with a topical anaesthetic and the Dermaroller, a small, solid wheel attached to a stick, is propelled across your face.
During the match against Chelsea, I injured my ankle and it was sprayed with a topical anaesthetic that caused a burn on the upper part of my right foot," said Aguero.
The best chance of a pain free injection is during the first injection, which should be given slowly at a "pain-free" site (such as the maxillary buccal sulcus) following the use of a topical anaesthetic.
The purchase deal will facilitate Aspen Global Incorporated (AGI), a subsidiary of Aspen, with exclusive rights to market AstraZeneca's seven established drugs, comprising Diprivan for general anaesthesia, EMLA, a topical anaesthetic, and five local anaesthetics - Xylocaine / Xylocard / Xyloproct, Marcaine, Carbocaine and Citanest, outside the US market.
Morphological changes of the corneal epithelium after application of topical anaesthetic ointments.