topical anaesthetic

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Noun1.topical anaesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the bodytopical anaesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body
anaesthetic, anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent - a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations
anesthyl - a mixture of methyl and ethyl chloride; sprayed on as a local anesthetic
antipruritic - a substance that relieves or prevents itching
benzocaine, ethyl aminobenzoate - a white crystalline ester used as a local anesthetic
butacaine, butacaine sulfate - a white crystalline ester that is applied to mucous membranes as a local anesthetic
ethyl chloride - a colorless flammable gas used as a local surface anesthetic
Lidocaine, Xylocaine - a local anesthetic (trade names Lidocaine and Xylocaine) used topically on the skin and mucous membranes
Ethocaine, procaine - a white crystalline powder (trade name Ethocaine) administered near nerves as a local anesthetic in dentistry and medicine
tetracaine - a crystalline compound used in the form of a hydrochloride as a local anesthetic
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A topical anaesthetic will be applied to your skin to reduce any discomfort during treatment.
As a corneal epithelial defect is, in most cases, a painful condition, topical anaesthetic drops will assist in making the patient comfortable enough to open his/her eyes.
Your skin is numbed with a topical anaesthetic and the Dermaroller, a small, solid wheel attached to a stick, is propelled across your face.
During the match against Chelsea, I injured my ankle and it was sprayed with a topical anaesthetic that caused a burn on the upper part of my right foot," said Aguero.
The best chance of a pain free injection is during the first injection, which should be given slowly at a "pain-free" site (such as the maxillary buccal sulcus) following the use of a topical anaesthetic.
Recently launched products include Pliaglis(TM), a topical anaesthetic for dermatologic procedures in the United States, Epiduo(R), an innovative combination product for the treatment of acne in Europe and Argentina, and Dysport(R), an injectable neuromodulator for the correction of wrinkles in Brazil and Argentina.
will package Norwood disposable LAD tips with its over-the-counter topical anaesthetic, Ela-Max(R).
During the procedure a topical anaesthetic is applied to your skin to numb it, as the laser can be painful.
Trial Demonstrates Increased Dermal Penetration of TPM/Lidocaine Compared to Topical Anaesthetic Xylocaine(R)
His initial task is to progress the market entry of the laser device and associated disposable tips in North America in conjunction with Ferndale Laboratories' proprietary topical anaesthetic Ela-Max(R).
Hansen continued, "As previously announced, Norwood has partnered with privately-held Ferndale Laboratories, based in Detroit, Michigan, to commercialize our laser project in respect to the delivery of their Ela-Max(R) topical anaesthetic.