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n. Linguistics
The placement of the topic at the beginning of a sentence, as in That movie, you couldn't pay me to see.

top′i·cal·ize′ v.
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Noun1.topicalization - (linguistics) emphasis placed on the topic or focus of a sentence by preposing it to the beginning of the sentencetopicalization - (linguistics) emphasis placed on the topic or focus of a sentence by preposing it to the beginning of the sentence; placing the topic at the beginning of the sentence is typical for English; "`Those girls, they giggle when they see me' and `Cigarettes, you couldn't pay me to smoke them' are examples of topicalization"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
emphasis - special and significant stress by means of position or repetition e.g.
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There are not many comparative studies of topicalization and related phenomena in the Semitic languages.
Relative clauses are used as a means of topicalization of a possessor of a genitive construction, as nominalization of a clause and in questions.
Second, topicalization was found to have been used to introduce new characters, ideas, events, objects, etc.
Jordens (Free University, Amsterdam) argues that at the lexical stage early in learning a first or subsequent language, topicalization is the driving force that leads to the acquisition of a functional projection, which provides a position for elements carrying the functional properties of finiteness.
In the second group (27), the topicalization can be followed by case attraction.
Her invocation of the term Korean-Korean (and our subsequent co constructed topicalization of it) may suggest that Sue feels that she has more cultural/linguistic capital (Bourdieu, 1991) as a Generation 1.
With reference to the topicalization of the Unpolitical as well as communitas, we can state that the "outside," which once was surrounding or cutting the space of the political, becomes now life proper in its specifically biological sense.
code Substitution higher or lower degree of naturalization (approximate) linguistic modernization equivalence topicalization nationalization Repetition total : non-translation, exoticization copy partial: calque, literal historization (through translation, word-for-word the mere intervention translation of time-place distance) Deletion reductive translation universalization abridged version under- dehistorization translation (through the removal of expressive reduction foreign cultural signs) Addition paraphrastic translation exoticization historiza- more explicit text tion (through the overtranslation positive addition of expressive amplification foreign cultural signs) Permutation (metatextual) (metatextual) compensation compensation Code S.
One way of fronting a DP is by a form of topicalization which is triggered by a need to derive a new interpretive effect.
This kind of topicalization corresponds to Chafe's (1976: 49) "English-style topics", meaning that "The so-called topic is simply a focus of contrast that has for some reason been placed in an unusual position at the beginning of the sentence.
Both inspiratory flow measurements showed a trend back to normality at 10 minutes after topicalization, but again, our study lacked enough power to demonstrate statistical significance.
For example, during the analyses, we noted that deictic features[7] and lexical topicalization (similar to left dislocation) were prominent and could possibly distinguish the texts.