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The language or speech of a particular place, such as a country, region, village, or valley, especially:
a. Any of the Sinitic languages, such as Mandarin or Cantonese.
b. Any of the regional and local varieties of one of the Sinitic languages, such one of the dialects of Mandarin.

[topo- + (dia)lect (translation of Chinese (Mandarin) fāngyán, regional speech : fāng, place + yán, language).]

top′o·lec′tal adj.
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In this regard, it is instructive to observe that the romanized form of writing in Southern Min topolect is commonly called Minnan baihua, referring specifically to written language and not spoken Minnan.
This is in contrast to phonetic scripts (such as alphabets and syllabaries) where it is fairly easy to record the general lineaments of spoken language, including a wide variety of local and regional topolects.