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n. pl. to·pon·y·mies
a. The place names of a region or language.
b. The study of such place names.
2. Anatomy Nomenclature with respect to a region of the body rather than to organs or structures.

to·pon′·y·mist (-mĭst) n.


(təˈpɒnɪmɪ) or


1. the study of place names
2. (Medicine) rare the anatomical nomenclature of bodily regions, as distinguished from that of specific organs or structures
ˌtopoˈnymic, ˌtopoˈnymical, ˌtopoˈnymal adj


(təˈpɒn ə mi)

the study of place names.
[1875–80; top- + -onomy, on the model of synonymy; see -onym, -y3]
top•o•nym•ic (ˌtɒp əˈnɪm ɪk) top`o•nym′i•cal, adj.


1. the study of the place names of a district.
2. Anatomy. the nomenclature of the regions of the body. — toponymie, toponymical, adj.
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The place names used in a particualr region or language.
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Noun1.toponymy - the nomenclature of regional anatomytoponymy - the nomenclature of regional anatomy
nomenclature, terminology, language - a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "biological nomenclature"; "the language of sociology"
2.toponymy - the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a languagetoponymy - the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a language
lexicology - the branch of linguistics that studies the lexical component of language


[təˈpɒnɪmɪ] ntoponimia
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The resolution was adopted taking into account the proposals of Bishkek mayor's office and decision of the working committee on toponymy and commemoration.
Chapter 2 investigates the toponymy and cultural landscape of the region of Gebelein.
In addition to the political and ethnic balances in northern Syria, even the toponymy -- the way names of places are determined -- has changed in favor of Kurdish lingo.
Moving north, Joshua Nash discusses the toponymy of the uninhabited Phillip Island, just south of Norfolk Island.
The maps not only contribute to our understanding of cartography, but also of toponymy - place names - the history of printing and of early modern society and its world view," the National Library spokesman said.
It shows how categoricalness of demands and the courage of those who claimed their presence in the city and their right for contributing adds to the toponymy of the city.
However, the toponymy of the landscape and its name are the reflection of these past actions.
Contrariwise, the local onomastics and toponymy are looked down upon: "My cousin was born in Lourenco Marques and never uttered the very difficult three syllables of the word Maputo.
Believe me, I would love to see local administration in Wales that is less corrupted by party advantage, properly resourced, realistically-sized and with sensible toponymy.
On means a survey whose main object the determination of data to appear on the charts: depth (bathymetry), nature background, speed and direction of currents, the local characteristics of the tide, coastal topography with bitter determination, toponymy and geodetic required to support the survey 1 .
Topography becomes toponymy, reflected in, and acknowledged by, a layering of material traces.
Groeneweg's novel is a close contemporary of the Mazeppa poems of Brecht, Campbell and Shipman, but the South African resonance of Mazeppa which moved Campbell finds an echo elsewhere, in toponymy and folklore.