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 (tō′pōs, -pŏs)
n. pl. to·poi (-poi)
A traditional theme or motif; a literary convention.

[Greek, short for (koinos) topos, (common)place.]


n, pl -oi (-ɔɪ)
(Rhetoric) a basic theme or concept, esp a stock topic in rhetoric
[C20: Greek, literally: place]


(ˈtoʊ poʊs, -pɒs)
n., pl. -poi (-pɔɪ)
a convention or motif, esp. in a literary work.
[1935–40; <Greek (koinós) tópos (common) place]
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Noun1.topos - a traditional theme or motif or literary convention; "James Joyce uses the topos of the Wandering Jew in his Ulysses"
theme, motif - a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work; "it was the usual `boy gets girl' theme"
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In the first part the author examines the notion of Buddhist influence on early Christianity as a scholarly topos ("Argumentationsfigur") that emerged in a certain intellectual milieu in early modern Europe and has lived on until today, for example--but not only--in popular works that champion the theory that Jesus had studied Buddhism in India.
A nocao de topos passa a explicar o trajeto argumentativo que conduz as conclusoes.
This established the enduring topos of the "bad" leader as one who obliterates the memories of his adversaries, a topos fully developed in the imperial period--consider the literary tradition surrounding Tiberius and the treason (maiestas) trials.
O codigo florestal brasileiro define como areas de protecao permanente (APPs) os topos dos morros.
Poder-se-ia vislumbrar em sua elaboracao ate mesmo uma perspectiva evolutiva, em que o topos genetico supera, em um sentido hegeliano, os demais.
Over 50 color photos of the Bay Area's best includes not only topos and detailed descriptions for each problem, but tips on where to eat and stay around the destinations.
La clasificacion que Perelman propicia a los topoi es distinta a la que efectua Aristoteles en su Retorica, pero conceptualmente no hay diferencias en lo que cada escuela entiende por topos.
A partir de 1850, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Lautreamont ancrent la figure du poete maudit dans la conscience culturelle, et nombreux sont les critiques qui ont etudie leur cas comme si le topos etait apparu ex nihilo.
Also of fundamental importance to this study is the topos of translatio.
It is largely a study of the topos of poetry as a sweetening of bitter philosophical medicine, employed by Lucretius--and other ancient writers--to characterize his own poem.
The new plant will be an extension of the company's existing facilities in the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, at Imeros Topos.
La nueva novela de Guillermo Fadanelli (Mexico, 1963), Educar a los topos (Anagrama, 2006), sorprendera gratamente a sus lectores entre otras cosas por tratarse de una bildungsroman esencialmente autobiografica que si bien no renuncia del todo al caracteristico realismo sucio de este autor, explota una vena emotiva dificil de encontrar en trabajos previos y nos permite, al fin, indagar en la intimidad del escritor.