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Forward rotation imparted to a ball by a stroke, as in tennis.


(General Sporting Terms) sport spin imparted to make a ball bounce or travel exceptionally far, high, or quickly, as by hitting it with a sharp forward and upward stroke. Compare backspin



a spinning motion imparted to a ball that causes it to rotate forward.
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Noun1.topspin - forward spin (usually of a moving ball) that is imparted by an upward stroketopspin - forward spin (usually of a moving ball) that is imparted by an upward stroke
spin - a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)


[ˈtɒpˌspɪn] n (Tennis) → effetto topspin
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The module is a technology that Fidelis gained through its acquisition late last year of TopSpin Security Ltd.
3m equity co-investment to support the acquisition of US-based digital health platform Remedy Health Media by private equity fund Topspin Partners, the firm said.
TopSpin 4 from Bruker is a next-generation software option for spectrometer control and data analysis, designed for the newly introduced AVANCE NEO platform.
Polder Housewares was acquired by Topspin Partners, a private equity fund that invests in lower middle market businesses, last month.
Mickey Boodei, founding investor and chairman of the Board of TopSpin, said,"The deception and breach detection market is moving fast and receiving much of attention, As a seasoned team of security entrepreneurs and investors, we were truly impressed by TopSpins unique product execution, which delivers sophisticated technologies in an easy to deploy and use model.
The easiest way to understand how to hit a topspin forehand is to imagine yourself turning a doorknob.
The key merchandise sales arm has been through TopSpin, which is part of Beats, which is owned by Apple, which competes with Spotify (with me?
However, the philosophies and strategies that are inherent to Topspin would be applicable to all artists, whether they use the service or not.
Ormesby won their first two matches 6-0 against Kent club Byng Hall and Bournemouth team Topspin Sports.
Her topspin and her serve, I mean, she played like a man, and it's really hard to play against a man.
About Topspin: Topspin is the leading direct-to-fan marketing and retail software platform.
Use heavy topspin shots as they bite into the clay well, giving it a more unpredictable bounce and it will make it difficult for your opponent to put counter-spin on it.