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tr.v. top·stitched, top·stitch·ing, top·stitch·es
To sew a row of stitching close to the seam or edge of (a garment) on the outer side of the fabric.


(Knitting & Sewing) a sewing stitch used to secure and decorate the edges of garments
vb (tr)
(Knitting & Sewing) to stitch (something) using topstitch



1. to sew a line of stitches on the face side of (a garment or the like) alongside a seam.
2. a line of such stitches.
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The cleverly designed scallop, hexagon, and fence prints make for fast piecing, while topstitched rickrack stems and appliqued leaves add charming details.
Its front end has an LED treatment that wraps around the front bumper, while the interior is light grey with blue topstitched seams, 'special' leather and chrome accents.
First control point is placed before the waistband had been topstitched, the second checkpoint is fixed before washing, and the third one is established after the pressing operation.
A shiny black croco bracelet, topstitched in grey anthracite, completes the outer features.
Exude style and elegance in Chado Ralph Rucci's silk linen pant ensemble with a belted topstitched trench jacket over an olive-hued slim-vented pant.
The interior is a near-perfect exercise in refinement, the lush leather a subtle contrast of cream and putty colors, all double topstitched to reinforce the sensation of quality.
advantage of selvages as finished edges, and as outside topstitched seam
Letters and striping are bias tape topstitched to top layer of blue cotton fins.
If the project is complicated, perhaps a skirt with a topstitched waistband that needs to come in from the hip through the waist, remove the topstitching, at least three inches on each side of the adjustment, and then remove the waistband so all the skirt elements that need adjusting have been released with enough space to stitch in the changes.
The front end, sills and under-body are aerodynamically optimised, and the interior is finished in light grey with blue topstitched seams.
At a press conference, EARVIN (MAGIC) JOHNSON sports a parallel-cut, winged-collar shirt with print tie, giving Italian styling to a vertically topstitched business suit.