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1. With the top downward and the bottom up; upside-down.
2. In or into a state of utter disorder or confusion: "turning our ordered life topsy-turvy" (Anne Tyler).
adj. top·sy-tur·vi·er, top·sy-tur·vi·est
1. Turned or positioned upside down; inverted.
2. Confused or disordered.
n. pl. top·sy-tur·vies
The quality or condition of being topsy-turvy.

[Probably from top + obsolete terve, to overturn (from Middle English terven).]

top′sy-tur′vi·ly adv.
top′sy-tur′vi·ness n.
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For all the topsy-turviness at the top, it's likely at least two of the traditional Champions League clubs will make it, which would appear to be Manchester City and Arsenal.
A contemporary Lewis Carroll, Waters luxuriates in the topsy-turviness of life, and his somewhat more conventional recent films depend, like most narratives, on the reversal of fortune.
The worst thing about the Molehill Era is that topsy-turviness itself is offensive.