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 (tôr-shâr′, -chîr′) or tor·chier (-shâr′) also tor·chère (-shâr′)
A usually tall floor lamp with a bowl-shaped part that diffuses the light or directs it upward.

[French torchère, from torche, torch; see torch.]


adj. torch·i·er, torch·i·est
Of, relating to, or typical of a torch song or torch singer.


(ˈtɔːtʃɪə) or


(Furniture) a standing lamp with a bowl for casting light upwards and so giving all-round indirect illumination
[C20: from torchère]
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has developed a state-of-the-art omnidirectional wireless speaker hidden within a stylish torchier floor lamp, ready for duty as a single full-range output device, in pairs as home theater surround speakers, or in as many quantities as desired as a distributed music system for homes, restaurants, and businesses.
The torchier lamps typically stand 6 feet tall and throw light upon the ceiling with an upturned, bowl-shaped shade.