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Plural of torus.


1. (Anatomy) the plural of torus
2. (Architecture) the plural of torus
3. (Botany) the plural of torus
4. (Mathematics) the plural of torus


(ˈtɔr əs, ˈtoʊr-)

n., pl. to•ri (ˈtɔr aɪ, ˈtoʊr aɪ)
1. a large convex molding, semicircular in profile, commonly forming the lowest member of the base of a column, directly above the plinth.
a. a doughnut-shaped surface generated by the revolution of a conic, esp. a circle, about an exterior line lying in its plane.
b. the solid enclosed by such a surface.
3. Bot. the receptacle of a flower.
4. Anat. a rounded ridge; a protuberant part.
[1555–65; < Latin: literally, strand, thong, raised ridge]
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