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1. Great physical pain or mental anguish.
2. A source of harassment, annoyance, or pain.
3. The torture inflicted on prisoners under interrogation.
tr.v. (tôr-mĕnt′, tôr′mĕnt′) tor·ment·ed, tor·ment·ing, tor·ments
1. To cause to undergo great physical pain or mental anguish. See Synonyms at afflict.
2. To annoy, pester, or harass: tormented by the children's pleas to be taken to the mall.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin tormentum, from torquēre, to twist; see terkw- in Indo-European roots.]

tor·ment′ing·ly adv.
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Extraordinarily painful or distressing:
References in classic literature ?
It was as if I had let the old man in out of the tormenting winter, and were sitting there with him.
And still deeper the meaning of that story of Narcissus, who because he could not grasp the tormenting, mild image he saw in the fountain, plunged into it and was drowned.
And now that at the proper time and place, after so long and wide a preliminary cruise, Ahab, --all other whaling waters swept --seemed to have chased his foe into an ocean-fold, to slay him the more securely there; now, that he found himself hard by the very latitude and longitude where his tormenting wound had been inflicted; now that a vessel had been spoken which on the very day preceding had actually encountered Moby Dick; --and now that all his successive meetings with various ships contrastingly concurred to show the demoniac indifference with which the white whale tore his hunters, whether sinning or sinned against; now it was that there lurked a something in the old man's eyes, which it was hardly sufferable for feeble souls to see.
Those were the words; in them lay the tormenting ideas which Emma could not get rid of, and which constituted the real misery of the business to her.
Oh, I wish he would cease tormenting me with letters for money?
If she desired to go, she might: the nuisance of her presence outweighs the gratification to be derived from tormenting her
The agitation of making his avowal to Magdalen; the terror of finding himself discovered by the housekeeper; the tormenting suspicion of the hard pecuniary conditions which Magdalen's relative and guardian might impose on him -- all these emotions, stirring in conflict together, had overpowered his feebly-working heart with a trial that strained it sorely.
The tormenting humour which was dominant there stopped them both.
He remembered no mention of the weaver between them since the time, twelve years ago, when it was their boyish sport to deride him; and, besides, his imagination constantly created an alibi for Dunstan: he saw him continually in some congenial haunt, to which he had walked off on leaving Wildfire--saw him sponging on chance acquaintances, and meditating a return home to the old amusement of tormenting his elder brother.
At length the Bedouin grew tired of tormenting, and sent him on a camel to the top of a high barren mountain, where he left him to take his chance.
Williams is tormenting me for money and my personal credit will not stand everything.
For forty years together it will remember its injury down to the smallest, most ignominious details, and every time will add, of itself, details still more ignominious, spitefully teasing and tormenting itself with its own imagination.