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n, pl -ros
(Animals) a bull


(ˈtɔ rɔ)

n., pl. -ros (-rôs). Spanish.
a bull.
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All the ground about Toro is barren for want of water, which is only to be found at a considerable distance, in one fountain, which flows out of the neighbouring mountains, at the foot of which there are still twelve palm-trees.
The first place to be met with in travelling along the coast of Africa is Rondelo, situate over against Toro, and celebrated for the same miraculous passage.
113} This cave, which is identifiable with singular completeness, is now called the "grotta del toro," probably a corruption of "tesoro," for it is held to contain a treasure.
That's because Toro ("tall one" in the Shona language) is not an ordinary member of the herd.
Vina Concha y Toro wishes to express its appreciation for the skills, professionalism, and commitment of Select Wines in bringing Concha y Toro to the position of market leader for Chilean wine sales in Canada.
This has included Toro's "100 Acts of Caring" initiative, planting 100 trees in each Toro community worldwide, and a Centennial Legacy Grant Program supporting nonprofits in their efforts to beautify and preserve outdoor environments, and enhance green spaces.
Guillermo Del Toro is set to direct the film which was slated for production back in 2012.
Toro can then elect to contribute pro rata to further exploration or;
Opening at the InterContinental hotel in downtown Miami, the new restaurant is Sandoval's creative Pan-Latin interpretation of a contemporary steakhouse, but maintains Toro Toro Dubai's culinary spin on South and Central American ingredients.
Held at the Montgomerie Golf Club, Dubai the Toro Irrigation Control System' course focused on the use of Toro's market leading SitePro Golf Irrigation Controller, which enables golf course superintendents to closely monitor the amount of water used and frequency of irrigation.
Here, del Toro shares 15 things he learned through making the movie and living his life these past 42 years.