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1. Mathematics
a. A surface generated by a closed curve rotating about, but not intersecting or containing, an axis in its own plane.
b. A solid having such a surface.
2. A body having the shape of a toroid.

to·roi′dal (tô-roid′l) adj.


1. (Mathematics) geometry a surface generated by rotating a closed plane curve about a coplanar line that does not intersect the curve
2. (Mathematics) the solid enclosed by such a surface. See also torus
toˈroidal adj


(ˈtɔr ɔɪd, ˈtoʊr-)

1. a surface generated by the revolution of any closed plane curve or contour about an axis lying in its plane.
2. the solid enclosed by such a surface.
[1895–1900; tor (us) + -oid]
to•roi′dal, adj.
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Noun1.toroid - the doughnut-shaped object enclosed by a torus
solid - a three-dimensional shape
anchor ring, annulus, doughnut, halo, ring - a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"
2.toroid - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circletoroid - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle
magnetic core, core - (computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data; now superseded by semiconductor memories; "each core has three wires passing through it, providing the means to select and detect the contents of each bit"
round shape - a shape that is curved and without sharp angles
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Finally, we had a toroid core, Figure 5d, that was split in half, with windings on each side.
In the ISN Super-MSS[TM] Sendust (MS) choke structure, an alloy-powder material of the toroid core RTMSS material was used.
0,1,1] or analogously, displays as an oblate toroid with zero density along polar axis z.
Rather than a toroid, the plasma in their reactor forms a column 100 cm long with a 1cm radius that can persist for as long as it is needed.
ATLAS End Cap Toroid Cold Mass being assembled at Building 191, November 2006
Finally, all three pairs of discs fuse around the larval esophagus, forming a toroid of juvenile tissue (torus stage, Maslakova, 2010a, table 1) at 36-44 d.
Heiner Voldstat from the company presented two posters on growth methods and equipment, including toroid presses.
One choke is usually intricate with the use of Toroid magnetic core around the conductors of output phase of the inverter, and in this situation the magnetic field of CM currents are non zero.
62), (64) Bu model toroid stkistirilmastyla ve toroidlerin istiflenmesiyle protamine bagli DNA'nin hasardan korunurken, linker (baglayict) bolgelerin ve histona bagh DNA bolgelerinin endonukleazlarin olusturdugu DNA hasanna maruz kalcligini gostermektedir.
A second pulse power unit accelerates the vaporized wire, which detaches from the fixture and forms a self-confining plasma toroid.
Meanwhile, the third element of Torotrak's technology portfolio remains the IVT based on the well-established disc and toroid configuration.