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1. Of, relating to, or causing torture.
2. Twisted; strained. See Usage Note at tortuous.

tor′tur·ous·ly adv.


(ˈtɔr tʃər əs)

pertaining to, involving, or causing torture or suffering.
[1490–1500; < Anglo-French; Old French tortureus. See torture, -ous]
tor′tur•ous•ly, adv.
usage: torturous refers specifically to what involves or causes pain or suffering: prisoners working in the torturous heat; torturous memories of past injustice. Some speakers and writers use torturous for tortuous, esp. in the senses “twisting, winding” and “convoluted”: a torturous road; torturous descriptions. There can often be semantic overlap between these words, since, for example, a tortuous (winding) road may be considered torturous (painful) to navigate. Nonetheless, they are usually considered different words whose meanings should be kept distinct: a tortuous (twisting) road; tortuous (convoluted) descriptions; torturous (painful) treatments.
tortuous, torturous - Tortuous is "winding, crooked, full of twists and turns," and torturous, based on "torture," is "painful, characterized by suffering."
See also related terms for torture.
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Adj.1.torturous - extremely painfultorturous - extremely painful      
painful - causing physical or psychological pain; "worked with painful slowness"


adjective see tortuous


Extraordinarily painful or distressing:
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There is no one who would not feel a wave of pain and sadness after watching the picture of the little Zainab, smiling with innocence glowing on her face, and imagine the torturous pain she went through just before she left this cruel world.
TRAVELLING to Rawalpindi from Skardu by road has now become perhaps the world's most torturous journey owing to the apathy of the Gilgit-Baltistan government.
After a torturous journey, the writer of the serial Noor Ul Huda seemed to lose track and finished the story with a happy ending, making it more of a sit-com than serious stuff.
And Jermain has been ready with lots of comforting cuddles throughout the little lad's torturous journey with cancer.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 20 (ANI): After the long and torturous summer spell, the monsoon is finally here and as much as we love to welcome rain, it isn't the best thing for your make-up and hair.
Summary: Today, after a torturous two and a half years spent in a lethal political vacuum, Lebanon at last has a new president -- Gen.
Foreign Office spokesperson Nafeez Zakaria in a statement said we deplore Indian forces torturous treatment of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik.
Not so much lately, though the torturous 0-0 with Slovakia at the Euros did leave a nation worn to the gums and crying out for strong drink.
Boasting a superficially new plot but preaching the exact same sermon--in the identical leaden, graceless manner--as its predecessor, Harold Crank's follow-up concocts a laughable crisis of faith whose resolution is a fait accompli, turning the endeavor into a torturous exercise in one-note proselytizing.
Journalist Said He Was Detained At Miami Airport For Working In The Middle East An American photojournalist describes his torturous experience at a U.
And the pain was deepened by the torturous fact it was one of his own who handed Fenerbahce the knife as Efe Ambrose cost Deila a priceless Europa League win.
It's time to protect women from dangerous conditions and the unborn from a torturous death.