toss back

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Verb1.toss back - throw back with a quick, light motiontoss back - throw back with a quick, light motion; "She tossed back her head"
pitch, sky, toss, flip - throw or toss with a light motion; "flip me the beachball"; "toss me newspaper"

w>toss back

vt sep headzurückwerfen, hochwerfen; drinkhinunterstürzen, (runter)kippen (inf)
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The boats far off took up the cry of greeting; a great clamour rolled on the water; the hills echoed it, and seemed to toss back at him the words invoking long life and victories.
It was the old Tarzan who shook his head as though to toss back a heavy mane that had fallen before his face--an old habit dating from the days that his great shock of thick, black hair had fallen about his shoulders, and often tumbled before his eyes when it had meant life or death to him to have his vision unobstructed.
All that appertained to her haunted me with the same awful intimacy, her whole form in the familiar pose, her very substance in its colour and texture, her eyes, her lips, the gleam of her teeth, the tawny mist of her hair, the smoothness of her forehead, the faint scent that she used, the very shape, feel, and warmth of her high-heeled slipper that would sometimes in the heat of the discussion drop on the floor with a crash, and which I would (always in the heat of the discussion) pick up and toss back on the couch without ceasing to argue.
Joe Burns poked a full toss back at Rashid after putting on 76 with Warner.
I've noticed that Turkish men -- young and old -- sometimes fish with just a fishing line that they toss back and forth into the sea.
Good one from a guy who has been known to toss back a few from time to time to time.
England got an early break anyway when Dhawan poked a Moeen Ali full toss back to the bowler.
England got a break anyway when Vijay's opening partner Dhawan poked a Moeen full toss back for a gimme wicket.
st], and taking place in the Lodge's appropriately-fashioned beer garden, guests will be encouraged to grab a seat, toss back a Hefeweizen or a Pilsner, and make merry with new friends.
But McCullum was out for one when he chipped a full toss back to Stuart Broad, the tall fast bowler getting down well to hold the low caught and bowled chance.
A hungry mackerel will make a meal of those fun fish we continually toss back.