total darkness

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: darkness - total absence of lighttotal darkness - total absence of light; "they fumbled around in total darkness"; "in the black of night"
dark, darkness - absence of light or illumination
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In the total darkness the soldiers walked with Pierre to Mozhaysk.
The nights are either brilliantly illumined or very dark, for if neither of the two moons of Mars happen to be in the sky almost total darkness results, since the lack of atmosphere, or, rather, the very thin atmosphere, fails to diffuse the starlight to any great extent; on the other hand, if both of the moons are in the heavens at night the surface of the ground is brightly illuminated.
The light was dim, and soon they mounted into total darkness, so that the Wizard was obliged to get out his lanterns to light the way.
Besides, the moon disappeared then, and left us in total darkness.
The night-light had gone out; and the room, as a matter of course, was in total darkness.
Now he was in total darkness, and again terror rode heavily astride his neck.
In the total darkness of the interior she paused for a moment to collect her wits and plan for the next step in her venture for freedom.
They remained in great quietness till the caretaker should have come to shut the windows: as a precaution, putting themselves in total darkness by barring the shutters as before, lest the woman should open the door of their chamber for any casual reason.
Redly illuminating the central portion of the room, opposite to which we were standing, the fire-light left the extremities shadowed in almost total darkness.
Once out in the current my raft flew swiftly under the gloomy archway, and I found myself in total darkness, carried smoothly forward by the rapid river.
Though in total darkness, I followed his progress by its sound.
They were now in total darkness, and they could hear the intruder gritting his teeth in rage.

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