total serialism

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total serialism


total serialization

(Music, other) (in some music after 1945) the use of serial techniques applied to such elements as rhythm, dynamics, and tone colour, as found in the early works of Stockhausen, Boulez, etc
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4) Perhaps as a consequence of the composer's dialogue with John Cage (documented in the two men's published correspondence (5)), and despite his pointed critique of the Cagean notion of chance operations in his 1957 essay "Alea," Boulez began to see the limits of total serialism and moved to incorporate elements of open form in his Third Piano Sonata (1955-57), which allows the performer to select the order of its five movements, as well as permitting the performer choice of passages within the movements.
With no single trend predominating, the twin pillars of total serialism and aleatoric music emerged, resulting in an ongoing conflict between "order" and "chaos.
The allure of these conceptions regarding, for example, the "interchangeability of musical moments" takes root in the type of visual and spatial thinking that originally generated total serialism in music.
This resulting extension of serialism is often termed either total serialism or integral serialism, and is characterized by the serialization of the pitch content, the rhythm, dynamics, register, articulation, and row forms within a piece.
No firm chronology of influence is possible, as Campbell reveals, because the first critiques of total serialism from both Adorno and Boulez appear almost simultaneously circa 1954.
I am not convinced [of this argument] and I feel that total serialism or aleatory music would have happened anyway.

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