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Unlike the overpowering results for empirically realistic versions of our decision scenarios, the EMV approach entails the Effective Weak Repugnant Conclusion even for an agent who has arbitrarily low (but nonzero) credence in the Total View and Critical Level views, and despite the fact that the Repugnant Conclusion strikes most people who are not sympathetic to Totalism as a first-order axiology as strongly repugnant.
The technology needed for them [the Right] to establish the total surveillance upon which to base their moral totalism is already available.
There is no denying that Sharia-based totalism covers all sectors of life and in particular requires the implementation of Islamic laws wherever Muslims are in power.
Marx's system is also flawed because of its drift toward totalism.
The second is in establishing the specific features of this phenomenon in conditions of Russian post totalism.
The paper consists of two major parts dealing with: 1) aspects of the Lowith-Blumenberg debate and the Joachimist tertius status and 2) depicting the connections--and, at times, the concordance--between eschatology, utopianism and totalism (6) and their role in the transformation of European Christianity.
The indifference of the federal government, the totalism of military establishment and the impotence of the provincial government do not bode well for Balochistan.
Here we have that reactionary totalism in which the so-called revolutionary and status quo intermingle.
1) I prefer the use of totalism instead of totalitarianism since the latter term is inherently associated with the industrial interwar authoritarian states as well the "war societies" of the era, not to mention the latter word's suggestion of brutal coercion, something which need not automatically be the case in a totalist system.
Lanier targets the post-humanist philosophy he terms "cybernetic totalism.