totalitarian state

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Noun1.totalitarian state - a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures
authorities, government, regime - the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit; "the government reduced taxes"; "the matter was referred to higher authorities"
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The threat to punish newspapers with an expensive Leveson II inquiry after exhaustive judicial hearings in 2011-12, and particularly a Kafkaesque legal forfeit requiring publications to pick up the bills of powerful figures who sue and lose, were so aggressive they could've been invented by a totalitarian state.
He said that India would not opt for a confrontation with China if things went wrong, adding that a totalitarian state was more likely to confront its adversary.
It is no different than any other totalitarian State.
A Girl in Exile is a striking exploration of love, art, paranoia, and the limits of freedom in a totalitarian state.
Channel 4 drama The Handmaid's Tale tells the story of a totalitarian state where women are treated as government-owned reproductive systems, forced to help repopulate the society.
If the systems are not totalitarian state law, it is because the conception of the state and law are the antipodes of the liberal conception.
In the long run we doubt that the associated stability will be enough to calm investors' concerns over what is pretty much a totalitarian state.
The four suspects believed to be tied to North Korea's ministries have all travelled back to the totalitarian state, Kim also said.
East Germany being a member of the USSR-led communist bloc was a totalitarian state.
THE EU is one big totalitarian state writes an Examiner correspondent.
Because the EU cannot be seen to be less than totally sound and secure, even though the financial principles on which it is founded cannot work except within a Federation of States like the USA, or a totalitarian state, of which history has many examples.