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tr.v. to·tal·ized, to·tal·iz·ing, to·tal·iz·es
To make or combine into a total.

to′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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The act or process of adding:
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If you worked in a country that has a Social Security Totalization Agreement with the U.
Some belt scale systems provide basic rate information and totalization functions in processes involving non-critical or lower value materials with an accuracy of [+ or -] 1%.
The SSA allows exemption from double contribution to the social security system in both jurisdictions, exportability of accumulated social security benefits across jurisdictions (applicable even to the self-employed), and totalization of serving periods.
The ongoing process of life resists totalization by human reason or in any other human project.
It would seem that the artist seeks above all to preempt totalization of his practice by any interpretive system, going so far as to refuse to establish a system in the first place.
The agreement guarantees the application of basic social security principles such as Equality of Treatment, which entitles a covered person in one State, his family members and survivors to social security benefits under the same conditions as national of the other State; Export of Benefits, which allows a covered person to continue receiving his or her social security pension whether or she decides to reside in the Philippines or in Japan; and Totalization of Periods of Coverage, which allows the tacking of creditable periods of covered persons under the social security schemes of the Philippines and Japan to determine eligibility to benefits,' the resolution said.
To these transversal concatenations among parts that escape totalization and closure, Raunig has dedicated, after Felix Guattari, much of his philosophical project.
And my humble recommendation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be to continue his dialogues with the American government on other issues such as the totalization treaties and the 50 / 50 rule which raises the fees for those companies who have more than 50 Employees as that is where they could strike a deal.
and Uruguay completed a second round of discussions toward concluding a bilateral Social Security Totalization Agreement.
India and US decide to resume talks on Bilateral Investment Treaty, Totalization Agreement
Dually, we let crep(F) be the cosimplicial replacement of F, a cosimplicial space whose totalization gives the homotopy limit of F.
With totalization, Filipinos who have divided their career time between the Philippines and these countries will be able to combine their coverage periods in both countries to meet eligibility requirements for social security pension in either or both countries.