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a. An animal, plant, or natural object serving among certain tribal or traditional peoples as the emblem of a clan or family and sometimes revered as its founder, ancestor, or guardian.
b. A representation of such an object.
c. A social group having a common affiliation to such an object.
2. A venerated emblem or symbol: "grew up with the totems and taboos typical of an Irish Catholic kid in Boston" (Connie Paige).

[Ojibwa nindoodem, my totem.]

to·tem′ic (-tĕm′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.totemic - relating to totemismtotemic - relating to totemism; "totemic object"


[təʊˈtemɪk] ADJtotémico
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So no one vexed him as he trotted through the winding pathways between the many houses and past the obscene kingposts of totemic heraldry, where the forms of men, carved from single tree trunks, were seated in the gaping jaws of carved sharks.
Some, covered with obscene totemic figures and designs, were carved from solid tree trunks forty or fifty feet in length.
It's not often you can beat the All-Ireland champions and gain promotion at the same time, but Kiely was keen to dampen expectations after this totemic win.
On such carpets "dog" patterns can carry a deep and even totemic meaning stretching back to earliest times.
The new court joins a growing string not yet of pearls, but the totemic seeds that will serve as examples and rally points for those that struggle for the rights of the child.
Yes, she's acted in some creditable and even exceptional comeback vehicles since her return to the big screen-but her really iconic and totemic portrayal is-still to come.
A totemic mausoleum to neo-liberal free market ideology that scarcely conceals the class war being waged by the ruling class against the nation's poor.
A feature of this order is that it does not reference 'man and nature', since Aboriginal ontologies are not articulated by any such distinction: rather, totemic identities are common to humans and non-humans alike, such that 'humans and nonhumans share certain common properties that are stable enough to be passed down from one generation to another' (Descola 2013:151).
The Pride of Abu Dhabi will be without their UAE contingent - including the totemic striker Ali Mabkhout - due to their participation in the World Cup qualifiers - but that has not dampened Ten Cate's optimism.
THIRTY BHS stores closed yesterday and the rest will soon be gone - a sad end for a totemic high street retailer.
Totemic lock O'Connell will retire from Test rugby at the end of Ireland's World Cup campaign, but will surely now miss the rest of the tournament.
What in New York was just hairthick and brown with a tendency to lighten in the sun, and probably, out of sheer laziness on my part, a little too longin LA has become a totemic object.