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or touch screen  (tŭch′skrēn′)
An electronic device that serves as a display screen and also registers input by detecting the touch of a finger or stylus on its surface.

touch screen

(Computer Science)
a. a visual display unit screen that allows the user to give commands to the computer by touching parts of the screen instead of using the keyboard
b. (as modifier): a touch-screen computer.
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Noun1.touch screen - a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen
computer display, computer screen - a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user
شاشَة كومبيوتر تَعْمَل باللمْس
obrazovka ovládaná dotykem
érintésérzékeny képernyõ
dotyková obrazovka
dokunma duyarlı ekran


(tatʃ) verb
1. to be in, come into, or make, contact with something else. Their shoulders touched; He touched the water with his foot.
2. to feel (lightly) with the hand. He touched her cheek.
3. to affect the feelings of; to make (someone) feel pity, sympathy etc. I was touched by her generosity.
4. to be concerned with; to have anything to do with. I wouldn't touch a job like that.
1. an act or sensation of touching. I felt a touch on my shoulder.
2. (often with the) one of the five senses, the sense by which we feel things. the sense of touch; The stone felt cold to the touch.
3. a mark or stroke etc to improve the appearance of something. The painting still needs a few finishing touches.
4. skill or style. He hasn't lost his touch as a writer.
5. (in football) the ground outside the edges of the pitch (which are marked out with ˈtouchlines). He kicked the ball into touch.
ˈtouching adjective
moving; causing emotion. a touching story.
ˈtouchingly adverb
in a moving way, so as to cause emotion. Her face was touchingly childlike.
ˈtouchy adjective
easily annoyed or offended. You're very touchy today; in rather a touchy mood.
ˈtouchily adverb
ˈtouchiness noun
ˈtouch screen noun
a computer screen that responds to the user's touch on its surface.
in touch (with)
in communication (with). I have kept in touch with my school-friends.
lose touch (with)
to stop communicating (with). I used to see him quite often but we have lost touch.
out of touch (with)
1. not in communication (with).
2. not sympathetic or understanding (towards). Older people sometimes seem out of touch with the modern world.
a touch
a small quantity or degree. The soup needs a touch of salt; a touch of imagination.
touch down
1. (of aircraft) to land. The plane should touch down at 2 o'clock.
2. in rugby and American football, to put the ball on the ground behind the opposite team's goal line (noun ˈtouch-down).
touch off
to make (something) explode. a spark touched off the gunpowder; His remark touched off an argument.
touch up
to improve eg paintwork, a photograph etc by small touches. The photograph had been touched up.
touch wood
(used as an interjection) to touch something made of wood superstitiously, in order to avoid bad luck. None of the children has ever had a serious illness, touch wood!
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The gadget features two liquid-crystal displays, a touch-sensitive screen and communications software that enables up to 16 people to exchange text and visual information.
Compared to its predecessor model, it contains a larger touch-sensitive screen, an easier-to-load 3M RFID tag dispenser, and the capability of converting all 3M RFID tag formats.
The DS machine features two liquid-crystal displays, a touch-sensitive screen and communications software that enables up to 16 people to exchange information with letters and pictures.
Connected to BT Cellnet, the Mondo's touch-sensitive screen has a bucketload of features to bring you a multimedia experience.
3]s touch-sensitive screen makes the one-touch activity controls even easier by displaying the important controls when they are relevant.
Previous winners of R&D 100s include Polacolor film, the flashcube, the digital wristwatch, antilock brakes, the automated teller machine, the liquid crystal display, the halogen lamp, the fax machine and the touch-sensitive screen.
Adding a touch of luxury to its award-winning family of Harmony advanced universal remote controls, the company unveiled its new flagship Harmony 1000 remote, which includes a striking, color touch-sensitive screen.
DVI joins a distinguished line of past R&D 100 winners, dating back to 1963, including the automated teller machine, the halogen lamp, the fax machine, the touch-sensitive screen, the digital wristwatch, and antilock brakes -- all of which have changed the way we live," said Mr.
The MobileMapper CE GPS receiver offers a familiar Windows computing environment, an 18-button backlit keyboard and touch-sensitive screen, that users can learn to operate very quickly.
New OneTouch(TM) Network Assistant has Icon-Based, Touch-Sensitive Screen for
ByePass, which utilizes Kinetics TouchPort technology, allows passengers to bypass ticket counter lines by electronic check-in through a touch-sensitive screen.
For a user-friendly experience, Smart Displays feature a stylus and touch-sensitive screen, a complete customizable on-screen keyboard, writing pad with handwriting recognition and other options.