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an act or instance of touching up.
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Club chairman John Connolly (right) was in B&Q buying paint for those touch-ups when Match on Tuesday caught up with him yesterday.
Like a velvet-lined jewelry case with a stylish, silky feel, the Givenchy kit has a mirror for beauty touch-ups at any time.
But despite regular root touch-ups (all captured on Instagram, of course), Kim reverted back to her usual ebony shade within three weeks.
That's why highly trafficked kitchen surfaces, like counters and table tops, require frequent touch-ups.
It saves time, is perfect for small jobs and touch-ups, and offers CARC protection for our military men and women.
Perfect for popping in your handbag for last-minute touch-ups, this chunky pencil combines liner and lippy in one.
Because of its single-component formulation, Duranar ADS coating has the flexibility to be applied by fingernail brush for small touch-ups at the end of a production line, or to be spray-applied.
com, gives an even, flawless complexion with no need for touch-ups.
The touch-ups need to be exactly like the color done before to blend with the original hair color.
Working Dead Fix-it Day Come dressed as a zombie (optional) and use your special powers to make some minor repairs and touch-ups to the academy, 1-3 p.
Perfect for on the go touch-ups, this lace crystal compact is PS9 at Monsoon ?
If one does opt to get a "tittoo," it's a simple two-hour process followed by touch-ups every 12 to 18 months to avoid fading.